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Advanced electronic equipment in Venezuela
                Your advisor for issues of balance and mechanical vibrations ...

We are a full service organization in balancing, mechanical vibration analysis, predictive maintenance and monitoring, dedicated to meet the needs of our customers and satisfy them through relationships based on mutual trust, ease of access and excellence in service quality . More than 25 years ago represented the company Schenck from Venezuela, leaders in technology for all types of industry that requires balancing applications with stationary machines or on-site testing, over-speed rotors "spintest", diagnosis and monitoring of vibration conditional, combining tradition and innovation, with the best human talent and technology. We are committed to build the fastest and most appropriate solution our customers need through specialists who speak your language. We offer and deliver on our sales and technical support exclusively in countries Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and the Caribbean, and perform technical support, training and seminars throughout the Americas.

SCHENCK 125 years global leader, manufacturing rolling machines and automatic, semiautomatic and manual for industry and services:

  • Food, Automotive, Aviation and Shipping, Sugar, Cement, Power Generation, Medical and Dental, Metal, Oil, Turbines, Turbo Chargers
  • Simply everything you need SCHENCK tour

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Herbert Kruger

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